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American International Learning Institute

International Scholarships for Teens





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The U.S. State Department says that intercultural understanding for volunteer host families and international teens builds an appreciation of human rights, freedom, equality, and other important common values that increases “trust among nations and peoples and betters the chances of resolving differences and reaching agreements.”


 What is AILI’s mission?  

 To improve global community relationships and intercultural

 understanding by  providing educational language and travel

 opportunities for deserving students ages 15-18.  


 Who is AILI?  

  AILI is the 501©3 non-profit affiliate of  Compass USA.

  AILI cooperates with like-minded homestay

  providers to give scholarships to deserving teens to

  benefit from homestay experiences in other

   country\ies.  Scholarship recipients receive a homestay,    flight and travel insurance to China, France, Spain

  and the USA.  In the future we hope to offer more

  scholarships to more countries.  Our scholarship

  program is made possible by volunteer host families

  and cooperating partners that donate both their time

  and money to our participants.  We are committed to    promote international friendship, second language

  learning and improved intercultural understanding via

  this special educational travel and study opportunity.  

“The point of this exchange wasn’t just to see castles and museums but instead to explore how girls my age are exactly like me and my friends, even if they live 5 thousand miles away.”

“New cultures are so amazing and I have gained so much respect for other people’s opinions and beliefs. All the different ideas that people have are so interesting and I'm blessed to have learned all about new people and what they are all about.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!’


 What does AILI do?  

 AILI provides scholarships for young people to experience I   international travel and homestays that foster an appreciation

 and understanding of other cultures and languages.